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took a nice nap today but was awakened with the apolcalptic sights and sounds of surrounding brush fires, not to mention the nice layer of ash that is covering everything. anyway, thought I’d try the musicmatch download service.

Nothing to install since I’m already a Music Match user.

To download, you just click the down music link in the media library window. pretty straight forward. when you go to download, you have to verify your information and provide a credit card number. easy.

as for downloading music, it’s a bit wonky. You are presented with a list of tracks, artists or albums that are supposed to match to your favorite types of music. it’s pretty accurate really, but there isn’t a way to go a list of new releases or most popular for today.

Tracks that are downloaded are in secure WMA format, which works well since I already use Music Match, but it would suck if I wanted to share these with anyone, or possibly an iPod user. Why can’t I just download mp3’s? why does there have to be a proprietary format? Justs seems silly. So, like iTunes, if I want to be able to take these tracks with me to play at work, on a dvd player, or whatever I’m going to have to burn these to CD and rip them back or leave them in CDA format. The quality of the tracks is as good as M4P format that Apples is using, and downloads happen just as fast if not faster. (Music Match downloads have always been super fast, even when downloading the program over dial-up you get super speeds. Props to them for that)

If I had to choose between a service, I’d give iTunes the advantage just because of the slick interface and the different ways that you can browse for tracks.

I think for now I’ll just stick to buying whole CD’s at the record store, and leave the downloading for people who truly are way to busy for life.

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