3 Months with the Storm

Very interesting post over at Engadget.com this week asking about the BlackBerry Storm.

>Not sure if you noticed, but RIM’s first-ever full touchscreen BlackBerry caused quite the ruckus when it splashed down late last year. While many were thrilled to have the common luxuries found only on a ‘Berry underneath a clickable screen, there were quite a few outcries from folks who thought the whole thing just needed a few more days in the oven.

via Blackberrycool.com.

I tried going through the comments on that post. But honestly, I just couldn’t do it. So, instead of posting there, I thought a quick recap here would be a better idea.

What I like

  • SureType and MultiPress. Like them both.
  • It’s a great phone with excellent call quality on both ends
  • Email, SMS and MMS work great
  • Media playback is great.
  • It has a great camera

I’m not saying it’s perfect.

What I don’t like

  • Lack of WiFi. Other ‘berrys have this, but Verizon won’t allow it I’m sure
  • Lack of non-beta updates. I’m getting ready to install a beta of .103. Current approved version is .75
  • Lack of Mac support. I know BlackBerry is the king of enterprise, but they use Macs in business too.
  • USB port is on the wrong side
  • Video playback only works in landscape mode 1 way, and it’s backward
  • Clearing voicemail/missed call notifications. This might be a ‘Berry thing, but when I miss a call and that caller leaves a voicemail, I have to clear the missed call message, the VM notification, the missed call notification AND listen to the voicemail
  • email rules don’t work. I have tried a bunch of things but I still get emails I sent back.
  • Added – Hard resets take 15 minutes

It’s been a great phone so far. Well, except for the week I was running the .87 version of the OS. Oh my that was bad. Every rev fixes something new, makes the phone better and more stable. Sure it should have been this way from the get go, but as I recall, the ATP was less than perfect when it first dropped.

If they would have waited until now to drop this phone with the latest version of the software, I’m sure there would be a lot more positive press. Hopefully the carriers will get going with the approved updates so people can use their device to the fullest.

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