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My dealer that did have a nifty new gadget that I haven’t seen before.

BMW has issued it’s dealers electronic key readers. These plug into a PC via what appeared to be the USB port (but it could have been serial, I’m not certain) and transfer the data that is programmed into the key to the computer to pull up the records for that particular vehicle.

At my dealer, they actually have a key reader outside at the check-in desk attached to a laptop computer that is on the dealers network via wireless NIC. I thought that was the neatest thing ever.

But then again I thought it was cool when I called for pizza and the kid on the phone asked me if I wanted to repeat my order because he was looking at it on the screen. I’m too easy sometimes.

Next up, for those that haven’t been paying to much attention, is RFID. WalMart is requiring all of their vendors to jump on board before ’05 and they will be running tests at distribution centers in Texas very soon. More on this later

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