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In the most recent Sunday Post, you read about a list of things that I’m pretty tired of. Today I am going to elaborate on one of those points. Specifically, number 2.

>Another reason for this post is so I can just point people here next time they tell me this. I need a phone to make phone calls first, handle messaging second and the rest of the stuff doesn’t even get numbered. I need my calls to be clear and start when I dial and not end until either myself or the person I’m talking to hangs up. To me, perception is everything and there is nothing, to me, that is less professional than talking to someone on an iPhone, Sprint or TMobile phone in my area. Every 3 word is heard through a sea of static and 45% of the time the call drops altogether. Suck it.

You see, part of my problem is that I still think like I work in restaurants. People eat with their eyes before their mouths, right? Translated, perception is everything.

I’m also a professional, or at least try to be as often as possible. To keep that illusion alive, I try to present myself as a professional as much as possible.

  • I say please, thank you, sir and ma’am
  • I have enough self confidence in what I do that I can tell you what you are going to do without coming across as a douchebag.
  • I’m on time except when I’m not. In that case, I call.
  • I smell good and my pants fit
  • People can’t tell I’m on a cell phone when I’m talking to them

See that last point? That’s actually a very big deal for me. As I quoted myself above as saying, I need a call to sound clear and not end until either myself or the person I’m talking to ends it. I can’t have static. I can’t have dropped calls. I can’t have conversations where the callee can’t hear me.

Yes, you read that correctly. I said can’t.

I sent the Moto Droid back for many reasons. First and foremost was that it dropped calls. 5 of them in fact in the 2 weeks I had it. That’s more calls than I have dropped with VZW in the almost 7 years I have been with them.

And that is why I can’t use an iPhone. Where I live (southwest Riverside County, CA), the only provider with good coverage in the entire area I spend most of my time is Verizon. AT&T, while significatly better than either TMobile or Sprint, does not. At least not in 100% of the places I go. And that’s what is important.

It’s all about perception.

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