Been a busy couple of weeks….

Last Tuesday Mom & Dad celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary! So, the whole family sans 1 brother all got together for dinner at Bolsa Chica State Beach in Huntington for dinner and a little hang out. It was nice and everyone had a great time.

Thursday was a concert at H.O.B., Anaheim, to see Concrete Blonde. Just about one of my all time favorite bands and the show was descent. They played a few new songs that will be on a forth coming new album as well as some old favorites. They even played Roxy, which was nice. My only bitch about the show is that the sound was not quite right. All you could hear was guitar and drums. The volume on those was so loud that it completely overpowered the bass and vocals on most of the songs.

HOB, Anaheim, is located at Downtown Disney, which is a place I had not been to before this. It was fairly keen. Some restaurants, a big assed ESPN sports bar and a few shops located right next to California Adventure and Disneyland park. One of the restaurants had a very large outdoor bar placed right about smack dab in the middle of the whole place. Perfect for enjoying the evening with someone and aces for people watching! Parking is free if you are there for 3 hours or less too. If you ever get the chance, I’d check it out.

1 thing that they did have there, which was kinda creepy, was a shop called Build a Bear Workshop. You walk into this shop for the sole purpose of constructing a teddy bear, from scratch. One of the first things you see when you walk in are barrels full of teddy bear skins! Like I said, kinda creepy. After selecting the proper critter, you have to stuff it, including dropping in a heart. Then, they get stitched up and their first air bath (almost pornographic, yes I know). Once construction of your bear is complete, then you have to dress it (nobody should want to look at a naked teddy bear), name it and print out a birth certificate. Then it’s placed into a nifty carrier that is teddy bear escape proof and off you go.

Those that are wondering, the fires didn’t get anywhere near El Rancho de DB.

The car wash people are going to let me spend money on technology, I think. I’m completely the ROI now and the initial outlay is WAY out of their comfort zone, even though it will pay for itself 3 times over by the end of the year. Did I mention I need a new job?

Finally…someone please tell the fat girls that they really really need to work on wearing shirts that are the correct length. please???

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