14 days

So I’ve been pretty busy and have had the weirdest of weeks.

Still trying to make this whole single-dad thing work. So far, I’d give myself a C+.

Part of that is not doing anything really huge for the lads birthday. I’m making it up this weekend, but still.

Grandma Mac turned 95 last sunday. Short as ever, sharp as a tack and still drives! Well, ok, not like she is taking big road trips or anything. She won’t drive on the freeway or at night. Or when she isn’t feeling up to it. Only to church and the ‘Y’, maybe to the beauty shop too, but that’s it.

So, for the 95 birthday, a big party insued. Almost the entire family was there. The only ones that didn’t make it were the ones that either had something else to attend and couldn’t get out of it, or the ones that were too chickensh*t to actually make the trip out. C’mon folks, anyone of you have a relative that is 95? Or do you get the opportunity to stand in a room that contains 5 generations of your family?

I was also elected to the position of President for the Car Club. Yea, I don’t know what I was thinking either.

And, for those of you that are east of the Mississippi, try listening to the John & Ken Show on KFI 640 AM sometime (3P-7P PST). According to these guys, 100% of the worlds problems right now can be traced back to illegal Mexican immigrants. Traffic in SoCal? Yep. Hospital Closures? Yep. Grocery Workers Strike? No, those union guys are idiots, but give them another few months. Anyway, it’s been on their rant table for the last week or so, check ’em out. Oh yea, if you are even slightly more Democratic than me, watch out, because they will piss you off.

Finally, I have come to the conclusion that I am done with the car wash. Not that I mind getting paid to work on Club stuff in the office, it’s just that I’m bored. Made a visit to my old shop last week and they are doing really cool stuff with embedded XP and new POS terminals that are running off of a memory stick, and I’m still working in Win98/NT. Ugh. They don’t prepare for rain. They won’t spend money on Technology, and we aren’t growing.


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