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So the new PC I bought last month has been a little troublesome. First, the DVD burner quit working. So I call support and they sent out a replacement with just about the oddest person I have ever met. He gets here with the drive, I replace it and he stays for over an hour! The dude would not stop talking and I did everything I could to get him to leave. Oh yea, he was A+ Certified, which means for sure he knew what he was doing, right?

Next, bad memory. I knew this before any utility I ran told me. The thing would just reboot for no reason at all no matter what I was doing. Well, ok, it happened more often when attempting to play RCT3. It finally got to the point where the machine would boot (remarkably enough), but either hang up when Windows started, or reboot just as Windows started. Yes, in safe mode too (you think I’m an amatuer?).

So, fearing creepy field guy coming to the house again, I took it to the store to let them repair it. Took them 2 days to diag and now I’m waiting for parts. I find this odd because the part is a RAM module, and I bought the box from a computer store, but that’s another post.

So, it’s been a week without my home PC. Talk about feeling disconnected! I mean I’ve got the laptop, but it’s my work machine and setup just for that purpose for the most part. All of my personal stuff is on the new one. Yes I have a backup of the important stuff (pictures, docs, websites, music) but not email or my most recent iTunes purchases. But it’s more than that.

It’s the keyboard. It’s the desk and chair. The monitor and printer. It’s my workstation when I’m not at work. I could plug all of that stuff into the laptop everyday, but I do that already at work. It’s just weird I guess.

Guess this is what happens when I try to formulate a real post at 5:15 AM eh? Especially after battling comment and log spam for about 1/2 hour first.

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  1. Still getting the comment spam?? I haven’t had any since your suggestion. Another thought I had is to rename the comment form variables in the page and the PHP so that the spam programs don’t know what vars to supply.

  2. Just got blasted again tonight, but only here. dbmini has been spam free for a few days. I’ve tried the renaming of the comment files and associated code already, but that wasn’t enough. I even deleted the pop-up comments file, just in case. The bots are pretty smart.

    At dbmini I have renamed the files. I swear after I did that I was attacked worse than before. Then I applied the hidden form field trick. For the time being, that seems to have done the trick. Either way, all comments here are moderated, and both here and dbmini have link restrictions, just in case πŸ˜€ No extra google juice from me!

  3. A week without the internet? God I’d probably go into some sort of catatonic coma or something. I’ve got a printed copy of the internet I can mail you if you need it he he

  4. I’m not totally without (see, I can post!), just without my regular home machine that has all my docs, emails, account settings, blah blah blah.

    A printed copy of the internet? That’d be sweet unless it’s the MSN version, edited for my protection πŸ˜€

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