If you are here for the blog or recipes, just click those links to get sorted out. Otherwise, hi. I’m Don Burnside.

MINI Cooper Enthusiast. Cyclist. Beer Drinker. Podcaster.

MINI Cooper Stuff

Since 2003, I’ve been a fan of the MINI Cooper automobiles. So much so that I have a blog. And a podcast. – The blog – The podcast

Cycling Stuff

Started a few years ago when I was reminded that I enjoy riding bikes. So much so that I have a podcast about it. We talk about beer too. – The podcast

Podcast Stuff

Links are above, but that will probably be changing in 2020. By putting it here, it will be a constant reminder to me to do something about it. For now, here is a podcast that’s only me. I’m pretty proud of this one.

Photography Stuff

I still post pictures to the internet.


Flickr (but way less often)