Why should I care?

I don’t have an iPhone now.

I’m not going to switch to AT&T so I can get one later.

So why am I sitting here, excited like the rest of you, about the keynote?

I’ll follow along as best I can, but here we are, about an hour before it starts and twitter is already down. I will be keeping an eye on macrumorslive, twitlive (in case Leo does play by play) and hangin’ out in #viddler-chat on irc.freenode.net. C’mon by and have a chat if you are looking for someone to talk to .

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  1. Believe it or not I think mobileme looks pretty cool. AND, for $199/$299, I can get the new iphone and give the current one to my wife. GPS is killer! I’ve been on the outs with TomTom for a while.

  2. GPS sounds oool and so do a bunch of the apps. and the price drop. Still not enough for me to switch to AT&T.

    But an iPod touch is definitely in the realm of possibility

  3. so now the 8GB iPod Touch is more expensive than the 8GB iPhone……

    If AT&T don’t want a kidney for the plan, and I can get one online without having to queue for a week or pay 3x the price on ebay, I’ll get one.

  4. This might put an iPhone in my future. If for no other reason, I’m tired of Apple raping me as an iPod touch owner. 10 bucks for the update. wasn’t it 15 or 19 or some crap for the last one? That’s not at all remotely cool.

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