Podcamp Warm-Up

Sure, you were expecting words about the iPhone 4s. Don’t you worry friends, you will get them in due time. But first, let’s bring it back to me for a minute.

Tomorrow (or Monday, October 17th) I’m going to be presenting to a group of facilitators in Arizona about Podcasting. This will be the first talk that I have given since the last Podcamp AZ and it will serve as a warm-up to this years event.

Unlike last year where I gave one talk and that was that, this year I’m giving a talk and leading a session about Podcasting. The talk will be similiar to last years, hopefully with a little more polish and dotted-t’s. Unlike last year, I’m co-hosting a session in which the participants will actually make a podcast! That’s right, recorded audio, with a proper intro and closing, uploaded to a web site and available for download in iTunes.

For this weeks talk, I’m going to be giving a hybrid session. Talk about podcasting and a demonstration on how to actually create said podcast. I will be recording it as well, just like last year, and my new, handy dandy, the The Flip Mino HD.

The biggest part of my talk is to avoid distractions. We, as proper nerds know, that nothing kills time and draws focus away from something quicker than a fussy process. Sweating themes, microphones, plugins, and the lot take much away from the actual record-something-and-uploading-it process of podcasting. To show how non-fussy of a process it can actually be, I’ve created a site for this purpose: IMadeAPodcast.com. I know, I can hardly believe it was available too.

That site is as close to a bone-stock installation of WordPress as one can have to run a podcast. There are only 3 plugins running and I’m using the stock theme. In fact, the show that is there right now was even uploaded using the WordPress media uploader.

No fuss, no muss.

In order to be a podcaster, one must create a podcast. In order to create a podcast, one must be a podcaster. Not a nerd. Not a developer. Just someone enthusiastic about something, anything, enough to want to spread the word to others that are equally enthusiastic about the same thing.

Podcamp this year is happening November 12-13 at the University of Advancing Technology in Tempe. Full details can be found at podcampaz.org. If you are looking to get into podcasting or want to learn more about Social Media, this is definitely the conference for you. Best part is the price. FREE!

If anyone is interested in attending the session on Monday night, hit me up in the comments and will see about getting you in. It’s happening in Downtown Phoenix at 5:30pm.

Getting back into it

What better way to get back on to the horse I slid off of then to jump back on with both feet placed firmly in the stirrups? I’m actually going to hosting a session at Podcamp AZ later this month about podcasting.

I’ve been producing one of the highest rated automotive podcasts for more than 5 years with a listener base that almost always shows growth. I would like to share with you some tips on how you can help your podcast retain listeners and snag the new listeners as they come around. And a few words about WordPress, since you can never have enough talks about WordPress!

If you are in Arizona and want to hang out with a bunch of new media folks, cruise over to the University of Advancing Techonlogy on November 20-21. There are already quite a few great sessions on the books. The last podcamp I did was in Southern California and there was a ton of great information shared and I had a great time. You can too! Did I mention it was free? You can register here.

Details on the session to follow. I’m going to use as a bit of a sounding board, since I’ve never actually done this before. Should be fun!

The Sunday Post #51

I had an odd week in which I did a lot of work but did not make a lot of money.

I’m now a consultant?

More than a few times in the last couple of weeks I have been asked questions or have had to direct someone in one of the following.

  1. Blogs and getting one started
  2. Social Networking
  3. Online promotion

I’ve never given it much thought, but I guess I do have a little skill in doing those things. Sure, this blog isn’t that popular, but the other one is and I know what it takes to keep the readers interested and coming back. So there is that.

I did build a podcast from scratch to having over 3k listeners. Not entirely on my own, but I was part of the team that made it happen.

But I’ve never been huge on Social Networking above and beyond Twitter, but I know how it all works and I’m starting to play more on the Facebook and other things.

So, I guess I could consult on these. Too bad I didn’t make any money with the knowledge these times, but there is a really good chance that will change in the very near future.

Most of you have already friend’d me up on twitter and facebook, but if you haven’t, use the links on the right. I always follow back unless you are a spammer, so get to it!