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How about a Photo Booth?

As previously mentioned, next week I’ll be in Vegas doing something that I haven’t done before; running a photobooth. Don’t think carnival-style photo booth. Think more a creative way to take portrait photos where they are shared on the internet as quickly as possible. The camera will be stationary and there will be silly props. Photos will be shared online instead of being printed. Like I said, something completely new for me.

Using my Nikon D5100, a tripod, my Macbook Air, the Sofortbild app and some magic, it has come together nicely. The Sofortbild app is used to take the pictures, which are then saved. Once the photos are saved, our friend Photoshop comes in to run a few actions on the photos to shape them and place them into a custom framed before being saved. Saved where? I’m glad you asked.

Using a combination of DrobBox and (aka “The Nerd Machine”), those image will be automatically uploaded to Flickr and posted to the White Roof Photo Facebook page so that the attendees can download them, tag themselves in them or do whatever they want.

Poolside Vegas. DIY Photobooth. Should be fun! Hope to see you there!

Getting the Hang of Aperture

Since upgrading my camera from the Canon Digital Rebel to a Nikon d5100, I have also been working to upgrade my workflow and image processing. And that upgrade was in the form of software.

For years I have relied on consumer software to manage and process my photos. The 2 largest players have been iPhoto and Google’s Picasa. Both completely capable for managing, processing and sharing photos, but not quite capable enough. Something that I discovered when editing my camera’s RAW files in Photoshop and Acorn.

Trying to be a proper fan boy, and not being a huge fan of Adobe, I decided to go with Aperture. It has taken me a few months, but I think I am finally getting the hang of it. I keep playing with features and am slowly building up a pretty effective workflow that is producing some nice photos. Continue reading “Getting the Hang of Aperture”

A great Instagram Tool

We talked about why I like Instagram earlier. I still do, and still for the reasons that I shared previously. Today I want to share with you a great tool that works well with Instagram. It’s called

For as awesome as Instagram is, it can only _really_ be accessed via a mobile device. That’s ok, because it is what it was designed for. There are times when you might like to share a link to your stream to gain subscribers or do other things in the comfort of your computer. Enter Statiagram.

Besides giving you a handy dandy link that you can share ( for example), you get easy access to some generic statistics and even more sharing/promotion options like an RSS feed or a widget for your Facebook page. You can also use it to manage comments. Read new comments on photos you shared and even reply. There is also a handy messaging feature that works with other Statigram users.

Add in the ability to view your IG stream and a few fun contests and you have a very handy utility. As a bonus, you’re going to love the price. *Free*.

If you are looking for a way to manage your IG from your desktop, Statigram is definitely a great place to start.