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Something new

Some of you might have been fans of The Hollywood Car show, long since on hiatus. Well, after months of planning, Tim and I are back to our old shenanigans in a new home; The Hollywood Garage! Episode 2 is below and we think it’s pretty cool. Check it out!

We’re back again! Talking about cool stuff from Hollywood as we like to do like **X-Men First Class** as seen above, **Logan’s Run**, **Die Hard 5** and a bunch of other movies that we picked from Tim’s blog!

Also, our first interview this week with the world famous **Uncle Joe Benson**! He has been in and around the music industry for years and you probably know him best from **KLOS**. Or, maybe from **auto racing!**. Yes, he has a team of cars, among other things, that you can see over at

Stick around! Next week we will have a new feature that we are sure you will love and the following week we’ll have **Dave Kunz** from ABCTV in LA on to talk about the cars he likes!

Finally, you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook (click like on the right). We are also pleased to announce that you can **finally** get The Hollywood Garage Podcast in iTunes!

The Hollywood Garage Episode 2
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I’ve got updates!

Quick updates on a few things I have mentioned here at w(t)f over the last week or so.

Been using this for a solid week now with Gmail POP3. It’s been pretty good I must say but there are a few things I think could be a little better.

  1. Setting up rules and mailboxes could be more streamlined or at least have a keyboard shortcut
  2. Flagging a message needs an easier keyboard short cut, or someone at Apple needs to stop with those rediculous symbols that I don’t understand.
  3. Restoring the window from the dock needs to be more elegant/easier to figure out, but this is a problem I have with most Mac apps. cmd-n works, but then I have to close the new message window.
  4. Better keyboard navigation in general would be keen. Arrow and tab keys are my friend

Next will be getting my address book and iCal current. I’m really excited to see how well they integrate.

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