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White Roof Radio #301


Starting our 4th year with Woofcast 301, joined by a couple of guys that you might know. Agro, grand poobah of AMVIV and Chad Miller from Detroit Tuned help us out with news from Motoringfile, Bimmerfile and other places. A quick note to the affliates, we do go long in this episode.

After news, Chad lays down some tips to help keep your MINI running well and performing some of your own DIY installs like brakes. This brought up the idea for a possible new segment on the show called **Ask Chad**, where he answers your questions. What say you? Leave a comment below.

Finishing off with some event talk, including an update to AMVIV 7. If you want to get on the mailing list, you can do that here. Get on the list and be the first to know about what’s going on with AMVIV.

If you are going to MINIs in the Mountains, be sure to stop by and say hi to Todd. He will have the new badges plus a few new designs that you are sure to like. Watch for those to show up on very soon.

And, for those that might have missed it, there is a new MINI Community on the internet. It’s called Motoring Alliance and it’s where all the cool kids are hanging out these days. Check it out.

Woofcast 301: [audio:]

Download | 30.4MB | 1:06:24 | WRR @ iTunes

MINI United Update

50year3MINI United is coming up in less than 60 days, which is a perfect time for us to get together with Gina Kutros, Shows and Events Manager from MINIUSA. She answers questions about extra costs involved and gives us the low down on what MINIUSA has planned for those going to MINI United from the US.

If you are in the US and planning on going, be sure to register through MINIUSA here. You can get all of the information from the invitation and be sure to keep an eye on for updates. You can set up a free account there as well so you can connect with others that are going.

Not able to make it? Not to worry! White Roof Radio will be, bringing you interviews, photos and video as it happens from Silverstone!

MINI United Update: [audio:]

Download | 4.6MB | 9:54 | WRR @ iTunes

White Roof Radio #290

lApologies for posting late. A live show tonight! Thanks to everyone that made it, apologies to those of you that missed it. And yes, for the record, Todd was wearing pants.

AMVIV is just about a week away! Listen in for Todd’s tip for getting a room in Vegas if you missed out on the great rate Palace Station was offering. There is still time to register for the event if you haven’t already. Even if you don’t register, you should still think about going, but remember, if you don’t register, you won’t be able to attend the banquet. Tickets for that are presale only.

If you do decided to go, be sure to be around the upper deck of Palace Station on Saturday because we will be doing an honest to goodness live show. Woofcast #291 or #292, depending on what happens this week.

Of course, we cover news of the week from If you were wondering what a Space Box is, here you go. Of course, if you are looking for something more practical, check out the image above, sent in by our good friend Jim Peterson, The “Kernel” of C.O.R.N.

More on AMVIV to follow early next week. Stay tuned!

If you missed it, I’ve set up a few White Roof Radio page at Facebook, with links to other cool places on Facebook, including the AMVIV group. Come join us!

Woofcast 290 : [audio:]

Download | 21.4MB | 46:39 | WRR @ iTunes

White Roof Radio #289

Quite a bit of chatter about my new camera, affair-proofing a MINI, Molly Wood, the weather in Kansas City, Todd sells 2 MINIs and Fireball Tim is selling his.

Then, on to news of the week from Motoringfile, including more making fun of the Clubman Spoiler.

Before we get into _the content_ portion of the show, Robert in Toronto checks in. You can search for his AMVIV videos over at YouTube or check him out at his other podcast at It’s great fun!

Gabe checks in via satellite phone from an undisclosed location and he talks a little about the 135i he drove last week then Todd and Gabe spend pretty much the rest of the show waxing poetic about all things JCW and then on to talking about cars built in America. No, really.

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The Hollywood Car Show #21

mailAfter rolling through a short rant about Golf, db and Fireball get right into it! Some words from Darth Vader start us off, as usual.

Then into the movies. Casino Royale’s Martin Campbell to direct the Green Lantern!, Brett Ratner doing Beverly Hills Cop Reboot, Samuel Bayer directing Nightmare on Elm Street Reboot but we don’t know why. Plus a whole bunch more!

Stuff on the web you **need** to check out. Start off at Jalopnik for the Bumble Bee Build then go check out what have to be bootleg movie sketches from Transformers. Check them out before they are gone! Finally, consider yourself warned. SkyNet Research is online. Finally! The Fireball Tim eBook Store is online! You can check that out at

We finish with Tim’s Oscar picks, a new Top 10 list AND a new contest!

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