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Hacked? Me?

For those of you that might have visited yesterday, you might have noticed a little something different. Different in as much as a redirect to some website that wasn’t english. Nothing bad as far as I could tell, just not here.

Turns out, this was completely avoidable and has been corrected. You see, I never bothered to stop using the default ‘admin’ user. My password was brute forced and the main index.php file was over written, and my themes index.php file was blanked out. Good thing I had backups.

So, let this be a lesson to you. Don’t use WordPress with the admin username. While I’m a little late to this party, better late than never.

Another new WordPress site

Actually, my 2nd since moving to Arizona, so go me.

That is for my new place of employment, Encore Creative. Site is powered by WordPress using a few plugins to manage things like the contact form and testimonials.

This site is unique for me on a few levels. First is that the layout was created using a pre-made grid. I must say that I really enjoy using that as a base for a new layout and plan on using it again in the future. Second, this site I built a few conditional pages as well as building out separate theme pages for each section of the site. It’s one of the largest themes I’ve built in terms of files, but it’s also one of the largest sites that I have ever managed, weighing in at over 70 pages plus a blog!

Revisions will be trimming down the number of files by recycling some code and making a little more compliant with IE7 and 8. It looks good, but not as good as it should. Finally, tweaks to the header and the blog for some good, old fashioned, calls to action.
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I’m a WordPress Genius

WordCamp Phoenix 2011You’ve seen this over on the side of the blog for sometime now, and since it’s happening in just a few days, I thought I would take a minute to let all y’all know that besides attending, I’m going to be volunteering my skills and knowledge to work the Genius Bar!

Just taking advantage of the opportunities provided to me. If you are going to be in or around the Chandler area on Saturday, January 29th stop by, say hi, and ask a question about WordPress! Or check out any of the great sessions that are scheduled for the day. I think online ticket sales are sold out, but it’s worth checking (click the logo for details).

Who’s going?

The Sunday Post #100: It’s Christmas (almost)!

It’s that time of year gang. The sun is shining, temps are in the 80s and there is nary a chance of foul weather. Must be Christmas in the Southwest!

The Holiday Post

And, if it’s Christmas, then things around the family of sites start to slow down just a little bit. Those include

While the words aren’t flowing quite as much as they normally do, there is plenty going on behind the scenes. Watch for a brand new coming shortly after the New Year if not a little sooner. As tradition dictactes, those changes will filter down to and White Roof Radio shortly thereafter.

We are hoping to start taking on more projects in 2011. With the relocation to Arizona, there is an entire state that has yet to experience the raw, unadulterated awesome that is produced from, and we think it’s high time they do.

Over at White Roof Radio we will be covering events like it’s nobody’s business. Not to mention trying to get a few more dealer grand opening’s under our belts and a couple of other things that I can’t share at this time.

We aren’t ignoring the motoring blog either! Besides a new layout, there is an entire state left to explore, a new club to join and new dealers to continue to break-in. Plus the continuation of the OP/ED pieces that we love to write.

Finally, in the continuation of the transformation of Wind(the)frog(dot)net, you will begin to see more posts there that are more personal in nature. It will remain the one true blog under the roof with cool links from the internet, words and, of course, the w(t)f video hour which will become a bi-monthly affair.

We certainly hope that all y’all have a great Christmas and fantastic New Years! And thank you for sticking around, commenting, and overall just being the most awesome audience anyone could possibly want.

See you next year!

Adding 1 more to the Portfolio


Yet another WordPress site to add to my list of WordPress sites that I have built. This time, for the A MINI Vacation in Vegas group. It might look a little familiar since it’s based on the theme for the Sin City MINI Club site, but this one has a few extra features.

First up, it has full Twitter integration. I have also connected their Twitter to the corresponding Facebook. The contact forms on this site also have the ability to capture the form data to be used later for mailing items or extracting email addresses.

I’m going to be taking this on more as an ongoing project basis as well. I think that with a little more tweaking and a bit more promotion, the combination of WordPress, Twitter and Facebook will be a great tool for keeping the attendees up-to-date **while** the event is happening. Stay tuned for details.

And, if you are looking for some cool WordPress goodness, let me know. The Arizona offices are wide open and ready for business!