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iTunes Match

Driving to work this morning, I thought I would give iTunes Match another try. On my iPhone, I navigated to my songs and hit the shuffle button at the top of the screen. First song up played for 30 seconds then paused for about 10 before playing for another 20 seconds and pausing. So I turned it off, stopped for gas and gave Twitter what for.

[blackbirdpie id=144063491744071680]

I then resumed my drive to work and hit play one more time.

The next 8 songs played without a snag. Until I hit next too early, then it was play/pause/repeat all over again.

I want music on my phone. I don’t want to stream it, I don’t want to listen to previews, I don’t want a streaming service. I want **my** music. iTunes Match, for all of the awesome it can be, is still not living up to it’s full potential. At least it’s not for me.

So, off it goes.