The Sunday Post #96

1 week ago, I spent 9 days driving a MINI Cooper from San Diego to Denver. All told, I racked up about 2,000 miles (no matter what I tell you there) from the time I picked it up to the time I got to Denver.

I spent 9 days in a MINI


I’m in the process of completing my worded wrap-up of MINI Takes the States 2010. It’s going to be a multipart series spread over a few days. Why? Quite a lot happened over the course of those 9 days and it is taking more words than I thought to tell the story. So far, I’m up to day 4 and I’ve written almost 1500 words.

Usually I would have done this during the event as we went along. Usually. This event was different from any other that I have ever done which threw me off a bit trying to find, for lack of a better term, my rhythm.

Normally, when the show covers a large MINI event, it’s a process. There are people. There is the team. There is even paper (and all y’all know how much I love that). There is a process. Todd does the interviews/audio, I do the photos and video, Gabe stands around and looks pretty. That’s not it exactly, but pretty much. It’s a good system that has served us for years. Everything gets covered, everything gets posted and the MINI community rejoices.

This time however, we were separated. The boys were coming from the East, I was coming from the West solo. I was a photo taking machine as you have seen. I even managed live video twice a day. Even got the photos uploaded to flickr. But honestly, I fell short.

After spending 9 hours in and around a MINI, with a few stops thrown in for photos or bathroom breaks and, as I was told, being ‘on’, I was usually too wiped out to write. At the end of the day, there was enough time to hook everything up to charge, get photos uploading and grab a bite or do the owner event. By the time all of that was done, I was back in bed to rest for the next 400+ mile drive tomorrow.

I’m not complaining at all here, and hope it’s not coming across that way. It was this trip that made me realize a few things.

  • The MINI community is pretty awesome
  • With White Roof Radio, I get to do some pretty cool shit, and people enjoy it
  • I need to do more driving to places I’ve never been before
  • I have a new found appreciation for the work that Todd and Gabe (and even Michael and Chad) do on the show

The drive and all of it’s associated events were epic. Dare I say life changing. I can’t even accurately put it into words, so you will just have to take my word on it.

All was not sunshine and unicorn feathers however. By the time I got to Denver I started getting sick. And I was tired. That combination is never good for me, and I got pissy. And I’m sure I pissed off quite a few people. If that was you, and I’m sure you know who you are, please allow me to apologize. I don’t have any excuses, it just happened.

Next time will be better.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have another 1500 words to write, proof, edit and add photos to. If you are a fan of my work with the MINI, keep an eye out for it starting, I hope, tomorrow.

And, Yet Another

me+funny hat

Another year has passed and today I am, once again, celebrating the anniversary of my birth 42 years ago. As tradition dictates of late, I will be spending the day working as much as I possibly can. Unlike other years, I can’t say this past one was terribly fantastic.

Which isn’t to say that cool stuff didn’t happen this past year, because it did. I mean, I did go to England last summer. Co-hosted and co-produced the first ever White Roof Radio live show. Met the lads at MINI of Ontario and MINI of Loveland. And I met some cool people otherwise (the list is too long to post here).

Without being too Donny Downer, I’m just going to end by saying that I am very happy this year is now behind me and I hope that the following year is a damn sight better!

Happy Birthday. To me.

As usual, I accept Amazon, iTunes and Starbucks gift cards. Just sayin’

The Sunday Post #88

Way back in 2008, which was the year I turned 40, I put up a series of posts titled The History of Me:, covering food, transportation and technology. Stuff I wanted to get down before I forgot. There was one topic that I failed to cover however. Music.

The History of Me: Music

This is actually a post that I have had in the queue here since 2008. The more I worked on it, the longer it got. The longer it got, the more I realized how much longer it still had to go. Right now it’s at a length that you wouldn’t even bother with, especially with the number of videos I’ve linked up.

Then, this past week for no reason in particular, I put up this post at w(t)f after finding the above song on YouTube.

Me, my 1965 El Camino and a long stretch of San Diego freeway that I was certainly exceeding the speed limit on. At night.

With this album playing at 11.

I followed with 2 more posts with similiar short stories and videos with songs from my past.

That was 4 days ago.

Meetings were held, descions were made. The Music post in the queue deleted. All to be replaced by the #historyofme tag at w(t)f. Don’t worry if you can’t be bothered to click over or subscribe in RSS, just friend me up at Facebook to play along as well.

I expect this will take another week, maybe 2. One of the most fun online projects I’ve taken on to be sure.

The end of my year

Dearest Internet,

You are reading these words from a website called These are the first words you have read from said site in about 18 days.

I know, right?

It’s the MINI stuff gang. It’s also the end of my “year” that starts at the end of A MINI Vacation in Vegas and ends with the beginning of the next AMVIV. Most folks would call that vacation. For our purposes here, we can use that word too.

In fairness, I’ve been busy with MINI Cooper stuff, but most of you already know that since you follow along at those places. For those of you that don’t know, I’m kinda famous in the land of the MINI Cooper and have been covering dealer grand openings, helping to plan a rally going from one end of the United States to the other and prep for, what we hope will be, a very cool party next Saturday night at Alliante Station in North Las Vegas.

I’m really looking forward to my vacation. I get to hang out with some of the coolest people that were ever invented and almost all of them drive some wicked cool cars. I will have too many adult beverages and say something that could be construed as inappropriate. I will get sunburned because I’m too macho stupid to wear sunscreen. I will not get enough sleep. I will make people laugh, in person. I will shoot video, most of which will be shaky. Hell, if things go well, I might even talk to a hooker.

Upon my return I will set forth to clear the 6 or so posts that are in the queue right now. It’s some good stuff and as soon as my head get re-attached after I perform above said activities, I will be able to turn them into literary masterpieces for all to enjoy.

I just can’t do that right now. Hell, I’m having a hard time being clever 140 characters at a time.

If you care to follow along, you can do so at any of the regular places (links attached). If you are also going to AMVIV, please come say hi. Also, I’m pretty sure I owe you a beer. Don’t let me forget, k?

Remembering what happens in Vegas, ends up on YouTube,


PS. Nobody is in charge while I’m gone this time. Honor system rules apply. If you take the last one, it’s your job to refill it.