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PodcampAZ: Podcast Consistency – Keep your listeners

On Saturday, November 20th, I lead a session at PodcampAZ about Podcast consistency, keeping your listeners and getting new ones. I think there are some great tips here, hopefully you will find it useful.

Some of the items discussed in the show.

  • Audio Hijack Pro for Mac can be found here
  • Pamela Skype Recorder for Windows can be found here
  • My podcast can be found at

If you were one that attended my session, thank you for your time! If you have any follow up questions at any time, please do not hesitate to contact me.

This is audio taken from my Flip Video video camera. No video because the zoom was set to full and that’s a view of me that nobody needs, really.


Download | 19.7MB | 40:52

4 thoughts on “PodcampAZ: Podcast Consistency – Keep your listeners

  1. really great talk, db. you got lots of great questions which means folks were really paying attention and into your presentation. great stuff, you did a fine job. congrats, you should definitely keep it up as it could be yet another career for you!


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