online music pissing match
according to this news article, Apple is all up in everyone’s face about having more downloads in Napster’s first week then Napster did. Isn’t that kinda like winning the lottery and then waving a big stack of cash in the face of a homeless person? I mean, c’mon, how childish can you get.

Everyone is making money…check
the RIAA is happy…check
The services are all fairly ok to use…check
…and resonably priced…check

I don’t see GM touting the fact that they outsold BMW last month like this. grow up people!

blogger archives
I’ve been trying to get these damn things working here and here for just about forever now, and I’m almost to the point of giving up. All the archive links work from this page, but once you click them, they don’t work again. So, just click the HOME link on the right to get back here.

and I’m tired of the look, so an update will be coming along forthwith

so, went ahead and thought I’d give this a go. hell, I’m whoring myself out to the music services, might as well do this too. go ahead, check it out. It might be something cool, or it could be totally lame. What, you already joined? add me to your list mang! db(at)wind(the)frog(dot)net (or you could comment)

bad tv tonight
fair warning if you are crusing through the channels tonight. 20/20 will be showing the Martha Stewart vs. BaBa WaWa tonight. I don’t even think that this is going to be so bad as to be good, so I’d skip it. I’m passing because I know I’ll end up throwing a shoe through the new TV, which would be bad.

Oh yea, I got some new furniture too. Did I show you? Well, here it is:

The whold set of pictures can be found here

And, before I forget, Tower Records is having a sale. Just wanted to remind you in case you haven’t been to a record store in a while.

#4 music service review
just for giggles, I went ahead and downloaded iTunes the other day. I installed it but left it alone for the time being.

Then tonight I figured I’d go ahead and sacrafice the $20, download some songs and see how the whole thing works.

First of all the installation on windows is very straight forward and super duper simple. touch typing end-users could install this without f’ing it up.

my home PC is a PIII850 with 328MB of RAM running Win2k, SP4 and overall performance I would have to say is not that hot. This program is SLOW. I haven’t yet tried this on my egg-cooker Dell (P4, 512MB RAM, WinXP Pro), but that’s next. The program itself has limited advanced controls for ripping and burning as well.

Then came the store. Music was easy to find, but again with the slow speed. from click to page change took at least 5 seconds and since it’s an Apple product, when you click there is not type of feedback (click noise, button depress) as you would find in a native windows app. Purchasing single songs is equally simple and the downloads occur pretty fast! Once the tracks are downloaded, it’s 2 clicks to burn to CD. Quality seems as it should be as is compatibility. One thing that I do not like is that the songs are encoded in a file format that looks like it is called M4P. More research will be done. But the files, unburned, will only play in either the iTunes ap, QuickTime player or on an iPod I would guess.

Other than the non-standard file format and the overall speed of the app, I would say that it isn’t half bad, which is to say that it doesn’t FULLY suck.

I think I’m going to stick to Music Match instead. I shall try their new song download service tomorrow.