iTunes update
Went last night to try to rip a CD using iTunes. If you were wondering if you want to use it for that or not, I’d say skip it.

First of all it is very slow. Music Match rips CD’s at anywhere from 9x to 13x. iTunes was running at about 1.5. Also you can only have them go into the iTunes folder and organization is serverly lacking. I didn’t complete it because I had a short stack to rip through and didn’t want to wait the 20+ minutes to rip each CD.

Stick with Music Match for your everyday jukebox needs. It’s fast, lets you put the files where you want and label them how you want, you can control the quality/bitrate of the files you create and you can burn ’em back to regular audio CD that works, everytime! The only time I’ve made a coaster with Music Match is when I tried to use it to burn a data CD. Also, with the jukebox you can look at all track by artist or album, as opposed to just having a huge list of songs. Currently at well over 4K songs, that list gets pretty long if I can’t go directly to the artist. Maybe that’s just me.

October stats
closing out the month of October db finds…
unique visits…203

highest referer: John@red-omega

search refs:
most popular: frog porn (duh!) – 34
2nd popular: kim possible porn – 8
coolest: pajamamama* and opus penguin tshirt
oddest: bar and yakov smirnoff mp3
most f’ed up: disney hentai kim possible and mickey-mouse-porn

That’s it. so much for trying to have a wholesome, family oriented site eh? sheesh

your call may be recorded

your call may be recorded
From earlier…

dbwilldo: hmmm
dbwilldo: duran duran compared to bauhaus?
dbwilldo: as goth
dbwilldo: hmmm
ganymedes_mambo: LOL
ganymedes_mambo: i don’t know… hungry like the wolf? that sounds pretty goth to me
ganymedes_mambo: as does “her name is rio and she dances across the sand”
ganymedes_mambo: i always light a black candle and put on a little “Girls on Film” when i’m praying to the wicca
ganymedes_mambo: ok, i’m done
ganymedes_mambo: hehe
dbwilldo: LOL
dbwilldo: ROFL