the tools do not an artist make
Ok gang, this is for those of you out there, more than likely Mac users, that think because you have a Mac, a copy of photoshop or illustrator and a color printer, that you are suddenly some kind of graphic artist. I am here to tell you today that this is not the case.

I’ve seen your work. While not terribly horrible, it’s not quite fit for public consumption. The use of the font comic sans and over centering of text is the dead giveaway. really. for now, stick to doing invites for juniors birthday party (complete with balloon blowing clowns and a jumper!) and greeting cards for grandma.

Also, your ink and pencil drawings get raves from all your family members, right? test those out with some co-workers perhaps again before submitting them for public consumption. a scanner, used correctly, is a powerful tool. when used to scan your line art drawing of tippy the turtle that’s another story. Go to WalMart and get the $5 CD of clip art.

Now I don’t claim to be any kind of graphic designer at all, because I’m not, but I know what looks good. And, the stuff you do doesn’t look good.

Just keep that in mind for next time, ok? thank you for your time

how to make blogger not *suck*
According to capt. pancake, it should be just … this … easy …
ganymedes_mambo (7:35:19 PM): found out… under settings… archiving
ganymedes_mambo (7:35:27 PM): uncheck the button that says “sucks”

But, alas, it isn’t so. First, lets start with archives. I host this site, this site and this site (plus a couple for the cakemester) on a server that is other than blogspot. Oh yea, and I use blogger for all my blogging needs. The cool thing about hosting it on a different server is that you don’t get stuck with the blogspot ad-banners. You don’t see one here do you?

The first thing that really sucked were the archives. Actually, they still suck, but I’ve managed to figure out a way to un-suck them. I originally had them in a separate directory, but that sucked. Blogger kept putting in the virtual address twice, resulting in the ever so nasty 404 page. so, a settings tweak here and template change there (all archives are now in the ‘blog’s root) and voila! archives no longer suck.

The second thing that sucks is a complete lack of a comment system. was able to un-suck that problem using the ultra-spiffy blog komm php script. after a few minor tweaks of that, they look like they belong here and they work. Boom! comments no longer suck.

The third, but I’m sure not final thing, is syndication. While Blogger does offer this as part of the Pro service, they no longer offer the Pro service. So, instead it’s wait until that feature trickles down to the masses or come up with another way to make syndication not suck. So, to un-suck that, I used yet another php script, but it’s not as un-suckable as the comment system. In fact, it turns back such an ugly rss feed that I would have to say that it sucks. I have conquered another blogger suck, but the solution sucks. so, I’m syndicating which would rate a no longer sucks, but since it’s so ugly I’m still going to have to say it sucks.

This would have been so much easier if my host would only allow Moveable Type or Greymatter syndicated (easily) or I had even half of an idea how php really works. But since I don’t, I’ll just keep with the un-sucking of blogger until it suits me.