This site started as a place to develop sites and to show the work that I have already done. But it has grown into so much more.MINI @ the beach

You will find that I am an avid MINI Cooper enthusiast. I founded and host WhiteRoofRadio, one of the most popular automotive podcasts on the planet. I also keep a motoring log at

During the day I’m a professional IT/Social Media/Web guy, specializing in introducing or upgrading technology to small and mid-sized companies. I am also a professional trainer, and believe that proper, thorough training with adequate documentation is always better than not, and cheaper too. For websites, my medium of choice is WordPress for it’s ease of use and flexibility.


In my free time, I love to cook. This is another one the things I am truly passionate about. If it weren’t for my love of technology, I’m sure I would have been a chef. And with over 12 years in the restaurant business, I was well on my way. When I do cook, I prefer to cook for others, especially large (over 15) groups. I get a great amount of satisfaction in providing a great meal to those I care about. Must be the Italian in me.

Of course, you can’t forget the music. There is always time for music. I have what some have called a large collection and it is extremely varied. Music is with me everywhere I go. For motivation, inspiration or just pure entertainment. This is another of my passions and it is something I definitely could not live without.

w(t)f Video Hour

On hiatus. This was a feature I started on my blog when it previously lived at One of my favorite lines from any movie was from Toy Story. The line, of course, was when Woody was in that evil kids bedroom, getting ready to start an elaborate escape plan and he exclaimed “wind the frog!”. In the context it was funny and odd. Out of context it’s even funnier and odder. Bonus? Check the short version.


I do try to follow a few rules when writing on my site, especially the blog. I do not talk about where I am working or what I am doing, specifically, unless given express permission to do so in a public forum. If, however, you would like more information about what I might be working on, feel free to contact me for more details.

Technical is running the latest version of WordPress using a custom theme of my own design. Don Burnside logo created by Fireball Tim. All of my sites are hosted by Site 5.

All photos and video are taken with a variety of cameras that include the Nikon D5100, iPHone 5s, iPhone 4S, Droid Incredible, Canon Digital Rebel, Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ3, a Blackberry Storm, a Blackberry Tour, The Flip Ultra, The Flip Mino HD, Canon Vixia HF100, an LG EnV or Skitch. Video hosted at YouTube and Vimeo. You can find most of my photos at Flickr.